Understanding “Home Health”

While “home care” is a broad term used to describe a variety of services – from medical care to meal and laundry service – licensed Home Health is our way of further defining a specific segment of the home care industry.

Home Health is the common term used to reference care provided by professionals that have earned a license to practice their specific medical-related trade.  Once the license is earned, the recipient must then continue to participate in ongoing education within their field (referred to as Continuing Education Units, or “CEUs”), as well as field applications.Nurse checking Blood Sugar

The care Interim’s nurses and therapists perform for you will always come from the orders of a physician.  Most often it is your own personal doctor who gives us those written orders.  Our staff then perform those services for the specified frequency and duration the doctor prescribes, keeping the doctor apprised of your progress through a series of daily notes.

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