Determining the Need

Home Health is provided only under the direction of a physician, and generally speaking, when it comes to your health, no one knows you better than you and your primary care physician. Others involved in initiating home health include medical specialists (heart doctor, orthopedic surgeons, etc.), discharge planners, case managers, and your medical insurance company.  While your insurance company plays a vital roll in approving (or denying) coverage for your health care needs, Interim will proceed based upon a doctor’s written prescription, which we will obtain.

Nurse checking lungs Our intake staff will contact your health insurance provider(s) to determine whether or not your needs are covered by the policy you chose.  Upon confirmation of coverage, an in-home assessment will be scheduled.  At this assessment, a registered nurse or licensed physical therapist will see firsthand the situation for which our services have been requested.  Our professionals are trained to make a determination to safely and appropriately meet your needs.

Following the on-site assessment, we will develop a Plan of Care that specifically addresses how Interim HealthCare will meet your needs, and that Plan of Care will be sent to your physician for his/her signed approval.  Through a combination of outstanding staff, sound procedures, and strong relationships throughout our Bakersfield health care community, Interim  is able to make all this happen and begin treatment typically within 48 hours of Interim’s receipt of the initial referral for home care.

By coordinating and communicating with Case Managers, Discharge Planners, insurance companies and family members involved, Interim is successful in seeing the you promptly, expediting healing and maximizing your convenience and safety.