We love kids, and it shows!

In 2003, The Baker Family, owners of Interim HealthCare, Interim Assisted Care, and Bakersfield Senior Placement, founded Darlyn’s Darlings, a unique pediatric day care program designed especially for nurturing medically fragile children of Greater Bakersfield and Kern County. The children range from birth to 21 years of age and have a chronic illness or a condition that requires daily nursing care and/or medical devices.

Utilizing a combination of skilled nursing , creative activities and a caring touch, this day care center, formally known as a Pediatric Day Health Care Center (PDHC), allowed parents to go to school, work or enjoy a much needed rest.

In 2009, The Baker Family partnered in opening a second PDHC, expanding into Fresno by opening Loretta’s Little Miracles. This Fresno / Clovis, California location also serves medically fragile children that are currently not receiving services, being under served, or as an alternative to in-home services.

Not ready to stop just yet, The Baker Family expanded once again, this time adding a second Bakersfield location – Caring Corner – giving residents living or working in south or southwest Bakersfield a much appreciated convenient option. In 2011, the two Bakersfield daycares merged, making Caring Corner Bakersfield’s premier Pediatric Day Health Care Center.

Now with child-friendly locations, located in the two largest cities of the Central Valley, children are introduced to learning materials, fun activities and socialization skills. Most importantly their medical needs are fully met by skilled pediatric medical professionals under supervision of their personal physician.

We invite you to browse our facilities online, or better yet, contact us to set up a visit. You’ll be impressed as you walk into the bright, colorful setting. You will quickly notice common children’s activities such as music time, crafts, storytelling, and now, with our preschool program – funded by a grant awarded by First 5 Kern –, the added element of education and learning for those who qualify. And for those needing less stimulation or quiet areas for rest, sleep or feeding, you’ll find those needs well anticipated and met.

We love kids, and it shows!