Hiring for Safety & Security

If it were as easy as hiring a friend, we wouldn’t be in business.

At Interim Personal Care, we take our screening, hiring, training, and evaluating process very seriously.  You need to know what we do to ensure your safety, and protect the integrity of our reputation.

Most applications are received electronically through our “Careers by Web” online application site.  Each completed application is reviewed, and if appropriate, the applicant is contacted for an interview.  Prior to the initial interview, work history provided on the application is verified.

The interview will be conducted by Interim’s HR Director and at least one Assisted Care staff member.  Those interviewing successfully then have their references checked.  If any questions remain, the applicant will be contacted.

If criteria are met to this point, a hire offer is extended, contingent upon the outcome of 3 remaining checks:  1)  An extensive criminal and civil background check, covering all known counties where that applicant has lived over the past 7 years; 2) a pre-employment physical; 3) a DMV printout, from those desiring to make themselves available to transport our clients.

If the checks all come back clear, the applicant is hired, and they can start our orientation process.

A Comprehensive Orientation Process…

Before even the most experienced care giver is given their first assignment, she/he completes an extensive orientation to ensure a full understanding of Interim’s expectations.  Besides covering the necessary company policies and procedures, over 20 client-related topics, including Patient Rights, Documentation, Confidentiality, Elder Abuse, Quality Assurance, Care Giver Appearance & Etiquette, HIPAA Guidelines, etc. are presented, reviewed and tested for understanding.

Ongoing Training…

While Interim leaves no stone unturned when it comes to their screening, selection and initial training, that’s not the end.  Interim offers their care givers additional educational opportunities with a series of “Spring Training” courses and seminars on a variety of appropriate topics, each one conducted by top experts in the city and county.

No one does more than Interim to make sure their caregivers are current with the latest information on how to best care for our clients.

Quality Assurance – On Site Feedback from our Clients

And finally, as part of our semi-annual Quality Assurance visit, each care giver is evaluated by their clients in a survey conducted by an Assisted Care staff member during a face-to-face, on-site visit.

Interim has the best care givers in the San Joaquin Valley!