Enjoy Life, and Maintain Independence

Maintaining Independence = Maintaining Self-Worth

Interim Personal Care takes the guess work out of trying to find a qualified, trustworthy person to assist in caring for a loved one.  For your safety and security, we have an interviewing and screening process second to none.

While it’s common for families to utilize a mix of friends, family, neighbors and church to provide care, often those efforts fall short.  Even the most well-intentioned find the day-in, day-out discipline needed to properly provide care is more than they can handle.  All too often the person needing care is not receiving all they should, and then guilt and even hard feelings can begin to arise, causing added stress on everyone involved.

Interim Personal Care is often the added element that families need to ensure their loved one is able to remain safely and comfortably at home.  This not only meets the needs of the loved one who desires to remain as independent as possible, but also provides much needed peace of mind to the family, as they are then able to see that their loved one is receiving the attention and care for their more pressing needs.

And when family does come to visit, they are not focused on the mundane and difficult tasks that our trained care givers can provide, such as light housekeeping, meal prep, personal grooming, bathing, etc.  Instead, the family member is able to enjoy their visits with their loved one by spending time in conversation, playing games, “catching up”, outings for shopping, church, recreation, etc.  Isn’t that the way we’d all like to spend our senior years?